"Charles" by Shirley Jackson
  1. What should we do to punish children (5/6 years old)? Is spanking OK?
  2. Do you think that children usually tell the truth to their parents about things that happen at school?
  3. Do you think that young children are more likely to tell the truth than older children?
  4. * What other story did we read this year by Shirley Jackson?
Stop at each point, and do what the margins say to do (in your notebook.)
This is what you should be doing in your KBARR responding.
Quiz for after.
  1. What does "being fresh" (pS22) mean?  a) being rude.  b) being loud.  c) talking too much.  d) interrupting.
  2. (quote) When Laurie's mother wonders to her husband whether kindergarten might have a bad influence on Laurie, what does her husband say?
  3. What expression does Laurie's family use when things go wrong?
  4. (3) Give three examples of foreshadowing that Shirley Jackson uses to clue you in about the ending.
  5. (quote) If it was Charles that had to stay after school, what's Laurie's excuse for also being late?
  6. (2) At the PTA meeting, what makes the narrator think that Charles's mother is not there?
  7. Do you think that Laurie's parents knew all along, and just didn't want to admit it? Or were they truly shocked? Find a quote that backs up what you say.