"Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed" ("The Naming of Names") p479.
by Ray Bradbury.
"Man lives by symbol and label." What might this mean? Is it true? Examples?
  1. "At any moment the Martian air might draw his soul away from him..." (p480) Find another quote on the same page that describes Harry's feelings about Mars that has a similar idea.
  2. What is he worried about losing?  a) his Earth identity.  b) his mind.  c) his life.  d) his family.
Sentence Scramble. Counts for 600 words. Write out the sentences. +1 each sentence that works. There are several versions of each.
  1. a) had spun  b) as long as  c) across space  d) the rockets  e) a silver web  f) to accept Mars  g) he had been able (20 words, 1 comma)
  2. a) of the grocery store  b) and ease  c) with great leisure  d) in town  e) on the shadowy steps  f) with their hands  g) the men sat  h) on their knees  i) conversing (25 words, 3 commas)
  1. Quote a line from the beginning of the story that shows what Harry thought living on Mars would do to him. (479, 480)
  2. (quote) What does his wife tell him when he says he wants to leave? (480)
  3. If Harry was going to stay on Mars anyway, why was he so shaken by the news that there would be no more rockets to Mars? (481)
  4. When Harry was working in his garden, he felt... a) out of place.  b) peaceful.   c) casual.  d) afraid.
  5. What was the first tangible sign Harry got that proved his feelings about Mars were true?
  6. When the men at the store don't seem worried, Harry feels... a) like crying.  b) like shooting a gun.  c) like they're being stupid.  d) all of the above.  e) none of the above.
  7. What's the first sign that Harry is giving in to becoming Martian? a) The flecks of gold in his eyes.  b) When he goes swimming in the canal.  c) When he wakes up saying Iorrt.  d) When they tell him he's getting taller.
  8. (quote) What metaphor does Harry use to explain the change in their eye color?
  9. What argument finally convinces Harry to come with the others up to the villas? a) He'll have more fun.  b) It's the right thing to do.  c) He can finish his rocket in the fall.  d) The villas are more comfortable. (488)
  10. What do the Bitterings take with them when they leave for the summer? a) Almost nothing.  b) Almost everything.  c) Just enough supplies for the summer.  d) One important item each.
  11. (2) Bonus: This story has what is called a circular plot. a) How is the ending like the beginning? b) What is the ending suggesting?