Delinquent  --Langston Hughes
Little Julie
Has grown quite tall.
Folks say she don't like
To stay home at all.

Little Julie
Has grown quite stout.
Folks say it's not just
Stomach sticking out.

Little Julie
Has grown quite wise-
A tiger, a lion, and an owl
In her Eyes.

Little Julie
Says she don't care!
What she means is:
Nobody cares

  1. "Folks say she don't like to stay home at all." Guess what he might mean.
  2. "Stout." He doesn't mean fat. What might he mean?
  3. What kind of "wise" does he mean?
  4. What qualities do we usually associate with lions, tigers and owls? What is he trying to say about Julie?
  5. What is the message of this poem? (In other words, what does Julie need?)