Chapter One

1. What are two reasons Moon Shadow gives why he and his mother canít go to live with Father?
2. What are two of the "horror stories" that Moon Shadow hears on the ship? Why do you think they do that to him?
3. "Big talk! Youíre like the blind man who catches sparrows and calls them phoenixes." (p9) To whom is Grandmother referring? What does she mean?
4. What can we already tell about Hand Clap?
5. What evidence do we have in Chapter One that shows that when Moon Shadow refers to Americans as "demons" he might not be that far off?
6. What two things did Moon Shadow have to remember when the officials at ______________ questioned him about his name and his age?
7. What else does "demon" refer to?
8. Would you have gone as Moon Shadow did? Why/not?
9. Why is Father in America?
10. Why do people immigrate? Should you be allowed to live anywhere in the world you wish? Why do countries limit immigration?
11. Why is there generally (and historically) prejudice against immigrants?

1. I improved my grade so much, my teacher said I was like "a _______________, rising from the ashes."
2. It would be very perilous to be ____________ to our vice-principal, Mr. Anderson.
3. Unfortunately, in many cultures, a woman without a sizable ____________ will find it difficult to marry.
4. Even though there was chaos in the classroom, the sub sat (un)___________(ed), like nothing was happening.
5. He treated me with respect, so I _____________(ed).
6. To reenact a scene from Julius Caesar, we all wore __________(s).

tunic, perturb, reciprocate, phoenix, dowry, insolent, Angel Island

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