Dragonwings (Chapter 2)
Vocabulary Practice and Reading Check

1. "Then the vendors had to dodge ___________(ly) to avoid being trampled…"
2. "…the men had gathered outside, standing on the sidewalks talking __________(ly)…"
3. For privacy in the bathroom, we used windows that were ________________, rather than _________________.
4. "In despair the next morning because _________________________, he (___________) had taken a __________ and cut off his ___________ ______________.
5. "He was in his eighties…and built like a rock. He had a round face…and a weak chin that made his thick lips seem to ____________ even more."
6. After Black Dog had taken to _________, "he worked during the day in an offhand, ___________ manner."
7. During the fire drill, the teacher told us to _____________ up quietly in single file.
8. Grandmother said that _____________ was like "the blind man who catches sparrows and calls them _____________(s).
9. The Company wanted to make sure that Moon Shadow was properly ____________(ed), so _____________ gave him a ___________ to "keep the sun off that girlish skin" of his, and _____________ (the "mother of the group and a great cook) gave him a ____________ and trousers.
10. "With a _____________, Uncle opened the front door for me and ushered me inside."
11. What did the Tang men’s queues symbolize? Why is it ironic that they are so vain about them?
12. Black Dog gave Moon Shadow a _____________, and said that he "may need it soon." Why?
13. "_____________ had taken up gambling the way others might have taken up drinking or dope: it was something to fill in the long empty hours."
14. "But these are bad times when one wishes all one’s troubles on one’s neighbors." WHO’s talking? WHAT does he/she mean?
15. Why might Father’ name now be Windrider?
tunic, opium, translucent, cleaver, nimble, attire, insolent, queue, flourish, amiable, protrude, phoenix, transparent
White Deer, Uncle Bright Star, Black Dog, Lefty, Windrider, Hand Clap
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