Chapter 2,3
1. Sometimes my mom looks at me like Iím _____________; like she can see right through me.
2. Please go home and ______________ yourself proper. Those clothes are not acceptable.
3. I had to move _____________(ly) to avoid getting hit by the pitch.
4. Parents often complain that teenagers are ____________ and resentful.
5. Even though there was chaos all around, the teacher sat (un)______________(ed), as though nothing were happening.
6. My binder was ______________(ing) from my backpack, and almost fell out.
7. With a _____________, Vanna turned the letters.
8. If you water and care for your garden it will ________________.
9. She and I chatted  _______________(ly) in the hallway during break.
10. When someone does you a favor, you should _____________________.
1. What is ironic about the fact that Tang men are so proud of their queues?
2. According to Fatherís dream, how can he become a "dragon" again?(2)
3. Where did Father get his other name, Windrider?(2)
4. Whatís the difference between how Tang men are named and the way the demons are? Are there advantages or disadvantages to either method? What name would you choose for yourself? Why?
5. "Whatís here belongs neither to us nor to the demons. Itís only a form of a much greater and purer magic. It can do harm in the hands of the wrong man and lash back on him; but the superior man need not be afraid." (p35)  What is Father talking about? What an example of doing "harm in the hands of the wrong man?"
6. Did Fatherís dream "really" happen? Does he think so?
7. Match the characteristic with the appropriate character:
· "a devout Buddhist who (ironically) ate no meat"
· He had been raised in luxury back home in China, and now resented having to work for a living.
· He is frightened by "strangely constructed machines."
· He is in his fifties and "lively as a cricket."
· He called Fatherís kite a "silly toy."
· He used to have beautiful handwriting.
· He "doesnít know much about being a father.
· His daughters need large dowries
· Faces a series of tests to prove his "dragonness."
· He said, "My, my, but that is a righteous wine."
· He can "dig up a mountain" or "drink up a lake."
· His son is Black Dog
· He has two wives.
· He is tall for a Tang man.
· Uncle said he has "character at least."
· A "strange, brooding man in his forties."
· Is an official partner in the Company.

Moon Shadow, Windrider, Uncle, Lefty, Black Dog, White Deer, Hand Clap

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