Chapter 4

1. Why does Father think Moon Shadow should go with him on trips out of the Tang people’s town? How does Moon Shadow feel about it?  Uncle?

2. Why did the demons kill Grandfather?

3. What is Father’s solution to the problem of what to do about the demon boys who throw things at them? Is this the best way to act?

4. What name do many demons use for all Tang men?

5. What is different about the demon and Tang ways of writing? Calendars?

6. Draw a picture of a dirigible.

7. How does Father save Black Dog? What was his trouble?

8. What are the "Brotherhoods?"

9. "I do think you’ve grown an inch since you’ve been here." (p70) Who’s talking? What’s going on? What does he/she mean?

10. How did Father get Black Dog to come home?

malicious, malleable, dubious, (un)alloyed, intuitive,
    hunkered, chide, prudent, goad, binge

1. "Dragons can be kindly and wise…quite unlike the fire-breathing, _____________, greedy creatures the white demons seem to think they are."

2. "…and since pure, _____________ gold is almost as ________________ as clay," it was easy to dent the golden throne.

3. "I looked __________(ly) at the wings." I didn’t think they would support me.

4. Father didn’t actually know anything about horseless carriages, but somehow he had an ______________ feel for fixing things.

5. We _____________ down in a ditch to avoid the explosion.

6. My mother ______________(ed) me for not saying "please" and "thank you."

7. It would be ______________ for you to study before a big test. If you don’t, you probably won’t do well.

8. The bully tried to _____________ into fighting back, but I ignored him and he went away.

9. Black Dog disappeared for several days on an opium ___________.

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