Dragonwings  Chapter 5

1. Why is the chapter called "Windriderís Claws"?
2. Why does Black Dog tell MS the story about the "ugly wife"?
3. How does MS feel about being beaten by Black Dog? Could you feel the same way?
4. "It eats at them; it eats at us."(p83) Who is talking? What is going on? What does he mean?
5. What choices did Father have after the beating of MS? (4) List the pros and cons of each of his choices.  Did Windrider make the right choice? Use the chart below to help you.
Choices     Pro     Con

5.  What effect does the killing have on the lives of Father and MS?
6.  Who is the Water Fairy?
7.  How will Father and MS get by without the Company?

wizened, improbable, exasperate, benevolent, luminous, flounce, resonate, embroider, methodical, simpering ,flail, goad, dubious, prudent, malicious

1. Joanie __________(ed) angrily out of the room, _____________(ing) her arms and yelling.
2. Hand Clap and Tom Sawyer are both very good at ______________(ing) reality.
3. The sound of the bell ____________(ed) through the empty halls.
4. scold : chide :: shriveled : ___________
5. My parents found my excuses very ____________ and lame.
6. I got very ____________(ed) with my dog while I was trying to teach him to fetch.
7. True dragons, according to MS, are wise, _____________, and caring; not evil and ____________.
8. It would be very _____________ to keep up with your homework.
9. Moon shadow found it hard to be angry at Black Dog, whom he compared to a "dunb, pain-__________ animal."
10. The team had the _____________ honor of having the worst record ever.
11. Red Rabbit clopped along in his own slow, _____________ way.
12. "Donít give me your ___________, mealy-mouthed answers."
13. With the sun shining on it, the stained glass became very _____________.

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