Chapter 6

1. Draw a sketch of a stereopticon. What modern-day toy is it similar to?
2. Find 4 examples of similes or metaphors in Chapter 6.
3. What is MSís expectation of what the "demoness" will look like? What is the reality?
4. Explain the gift that MS and Father give Mrs. Whitlaw.
5. Why does MS think that Mrs. Whitlaw must have been a member of royalty in a previous life?

Chapter 7

1. "No dragon pleasant. A dragon dragonee." (p117) What does MS mean?
2. What does MS teach the Whitlaws? What do they teach him?
3. Why doesnít MS tell his Father about the demon boys who are harassing him? What is ironic about this?
4. "Are all Chinamen crazy like you?" (p121) Whoís talking? What is going on? What is the real truth, and why doesnít he just say so?

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