Dragonwings Projects!
Book Cover!
· Summary—include at least two quotes.
· About the Author
· Review—why should someone read this book, what can we learn from it?
· Blurbs
· Appropriate Front and Back Graphics
A-Z Book!
· 26 sentences—A-Z—that "capture" the book and its characters, themes, plot, lessons to be learned, ??!
· Illustrated!
· Bonus for good use of vocabulary words.
Add another Chapter!
· Use Mr. Yep's style / Moon Shadow as a narrator
· Dialogue—modeled on the real thing.
· 800+ words
· Believable
Poem "Cycle"
· 4-5 poems (with drafting, etc.)
· 3-4 poems that really "capture" each character and one about the novel as whole and what we can learn from it.
· Illustrations
· 500 words (or thereabouts).
Newspaper, ca. 1903-1909!--Use These Ideas for Starters!
· Stories and headlines from the novel
· Interviews with characters
· Stories that may have appeared at that time
· Puzzles (using vocab. words)
· Advice Columns from the era?
· Earthquake reports?
· ??????
Rubric for Grading--65 points
· Shows understanding of book, characters, themes, etc.[1-25]
· Quality of work—correctness, neatness, etc. [1-25]
· Creativity [1-15]