Dragonwings Study Questions for Chapters 8-12
Chapter 8
1. Why does Father destroy the glider? Do you agree with his reasons? How does MS feel about it?
2. How does Robin help MS with the demon boys? Did he do the right thing? What makes you think so/not?
3. What "charms" does MS  realize he has that are "as good a set of charms (against the demon boys) as the charm from Hand Clap."
4. "We see the same things and yet find different truths." (p147) Who? What?

Chapter 9
1. How do Father and Uncle finally get back together? Who helps them?
2. What is the Feast of Pure Brightness? What other "holiday(s)" is it similar to?
3. Why does MS carry a cross in his pocket?
4. "You...you Sunday Christians!" Who? What?

Chapter 10
1. How does the law-abiding community of Sf change after the quake?
2. When they go back for Uncle at the Company’s building, in what condition do they find him?
3. Why does the Company’s building stand when so many others fell?
4. How does the Company convince Uncle to leave the building?
5. How does Miss Whitlaw win over Uncle? (2+ ways)
6. What is the bad thing that balances the good one—the Company’s friendship with the Whitlaws? Why is this happening? What solution was there to the problem?
7. What inspires Windrider to finally follow his dream? What is his plan for supporting himself with this dream?
8. Why doesn’t Windrider invite MS to move with him to Oakland?
9. "…it was like trying to describe colors to blind man." (p200) Who? Who? What does he mean?

Chapter 11
1. Grandmother reacts like __(which other character?)__ when she hears that Windrider has moved away from the Company to follow his dream. She thinks Father is ____________. Mother reacts more like __(which other character?)__ and says  ____________…
2. Why doesn’t MS talk with his Father much any more? (What are they both busy doing?)
3. It takes how long to build Father’s plane which is called ___________?
4. "I had found my mountain of gold, after all, and it had not been nuggets…" (p210) What does MS mean?
5. Why won’t Moon Shadow give Black Dog the money? Why does Father give it to him?
6. Why won’t Father let MS talk to Uncle about the money they need? To whom does MS talk? Does he ask for help? What do you think will happen because of this call?
7. Is Father’s song at the end of the chapter a sad one? Use a line or lines from the song to back up what you say. (+1: The first verse of father’s song is very similar to something else you’ve read this year. What?)
8. How much time has passed since the beginning of the book? Why do you think the author changed the setting from the city of SF to the more open country across the bay?

Chapter 12
1. How does the Company find out about Windrider’s money troubles?
2. What happens to Black Dog? (Be specific!) Write an appropriate epitaph (look it up) for Black Dog.
3. How do they get Dragonwings to the top of the hill? What happens to Dragonwings?
4. Why do you think Windrider doesn’t plan to build another plane and go through with his plans for future flying?
5. Does this book have a sad ending? Wistful? Hopeful? Explain why you think so?
6. What was the inspiration for this story (according to Mr. Yep)? Is it "true"?