Dragonwings Vocabulary List

conjecture, perturb, reciprocate, phoenix, dowry, insolent, *Angel Island

   1.I improved my grade so much, my teacher said I was like "a _______________, rising from the ashes."
   2.It would be very perilous to be ________ to a grumpy policeman.
   3.Unfortunately, in many cultures, a woman without a sizable ____________  will find it difficult to marry.
   4.Even though there was chaos in the classroom, the sub sat (un)___________(ed), like nothing was happening.
   5.He treated me with respect, so I _____________(ed).
   6.Don't base your decision on _______________; find out for sure.

transparent, opium, queue(2), flourish(n and v),  nimble, amiable, translucent, attire

 1."Then the vendors had to dodge ___________(ly) to avoid being trampledÖ"
  2.During the fire drill, the teacher told us to _____________ up quietly in single file.
  3.After Black Dog had started taking  _________, "he worked during the day in an offhand, insolent manner." He spoke little and seemed always cranky.
  4.Vanna White turned the letters with a ___________.
  5.For privacy in the bathroom, we used windows that were ________________, rather than _________________.
  6.If you take good care of your garden, it will ___________.
  7.Amy is a very _________ person; she is always friendly to everyone.
  8.Tang men often wear a braided ponytail called a ____________.
  9.The Company wanted to make sure that Moon Shadow was properly ____________(ed), so they gave him a hat, a tunic, and trousers.

malicious, malleable, dubious, (un)alloyed, intuitive,  hunkered, chide, prudent, goad, binge

1. "Dragons can be kindly and wiseÖquite unlike the fire-breathing, _____________, greedy creatures the white demons
seem to think they are."
2. "Öand since pure, _____________ gold is almost as ________________ as clay," it was easy to dent the golden throne.
3. "I looked __________(ly) at the wings." I didnít think they would support me.
4. Father didnít actually know anything about horseless carriages, but somehow he had an ________ feel for fixing things.
5. We _____________ down in a ditch to avoid the explosion.
6. My mother ______________(ed) me for not saying "please" and "thank you."
7. It would be ______________ for you to study before a big test. If you donít, you probably wonít do well.
8. The bully tried to _____________ into fighting back, but I ignored him and he went away.
9. Black Dog disappeared for several days on an opium ___________.

wizened, improbable, exasperate, benevolent, luminous, flounce, resonate, embroider, methodical, simpering ,flail, goad, dubious, prudent, malicious

1. Joanie __________(ed) angrily out of the room, _____________(ing) her arms and yelling.
2. Hand Clap and Tom Sawyer are both very good at ______________(ing) reality.
3. The sound of the bell ____________(ed) through the empty halls.
4. scold : chide :: shriveled : ___________
5. My parents found my excuses very ____________ and lame.
6. I got very ____________(ed) with my dog while I was trying to teach him to fetch.
7. True dragons, according to MS, are wise, _____________, and caring; not evil and ____________.
8. It would be very _____________ to keep up with your homework.
9. Moon shadow found it hard to be angry at Black Dog, whom he compared to a "dunb, pain-__________ animal."
10. The team had the _____________ honor of having the worst record ever.
11. Red Rabbit clopped along in his own slow, _____________ way.
12. "Donít give me your ___________, mealy-mouthed answers."
13. With the sun shining on it, the stained glass became very _____________.

1. He was pulled over for driving erratically; they though he was drunk.
2. I was very skeptical about his "alien" story; I didnít believe him for a second.
3. I sat around all afternoon, daydreaming and musing on my future.
4. During the earthquake the street began to undulate like waves on an ocean.
5. Jean is very fastidious about her silverware; she wonít eat in the cafeteria because she thinks the forks
arenít clean enough.
6. In the mornings Steveís hair is usually unruly and hard to manage; much like this class sometimes.
7. patronize
8. ominous
9. persecute (ion)
10. desolate

1. After the earthquake many of the rich who were once (impulsive, haughty, forlorn, wistful) were now humbled and looking for crusts of bread like everyone else.
2. After the explosion, most people had (auspicious, incredulous, haughty, adverse) looks on their faces; like they couldnít believe what happened.
3. After the earthquake, San Francisco looked as (desolate, auspicious, fastidious, wizened) as the surface of the moon.
4. Which is an antonym for "good fortune"? (inept, incredulous, adversity, undulation)
5. Which is a synonym for clever? (deity, perpetual, sardonic, shrewd)
6. Which doesnít belong? Why? (shrewd, deity, perpetual, queue, undulate)
7. Many people for many years have tried to create a(n) (auspicious, incensed, perpetual, sardonic) motion machine that will run forever.
8. He had a(n) (incredulous, auspicious, sullen, cleaver) beginning to the new semester; he got four Aís and only one B on his first round of tests.
9. Robin (flounced, improvised, patronized, reciprocated) angrily out of the room, waving her arms around.
10. Sometimes Uncle is a (perpetual, malleable, querulous, incessant) old man who is rarely satisfied.
11. "Yeah, sure." I said very (perpetually, sardonically, ineptly, transparently).
12. Try not to be too (forlorn, perpetual, venerable, credulous) when you hear rumors; most turn out to be false.