TheGiver by Lois Lowry
Chapters 1 and 2
  1. Being "released" is the ultimate punishmentin this community.  a) True  b) False
  2. In order to get Lily to not be angry at therude little boy, her parents...  a) explain to her that the boy won'tbe back anyway.  b) explain to her that he had some sort of illness. c) try to get her to understand how he might have felt.  d) tell herher feelings of anger are natural.  e) NOTA
  3. What is Jonas's fatherís job?  a) teaching b) caring for babies  c) counseling  d) He doesn't have one. e) NOTA
  4. Besides punishment, here are only three occasionswhen someone would be released from the community.  a) True b) False
  5. Who makes any important, final decisionsabout the way the community is run?  a) The Elders.  b) The Committeeof Seven.  c) The Giver.  d) The Receiver.  e) NOTA
  6. Why does everyone know that Lily's commentabout keeping Gabriel has to be a joke?  Because Lily knows that... a) Gabriel's parents will be taking him home soon.  b)  he isgoing to be released soon.  c)  her family isn't allowed to haveanother child.  d) Gabriel has to stay at The Center until he's a5.  e) NOTA
  7. What happens at the Ceremony of 12? a) You get assigned your real name.  b) You get assigned your bicycle c) You are assigned the person you are to marry.  d) You get assignedto an institute of higher learning.  e) You are assigned your job.
  8. How is that decision made?  a) You takea test to see which is appropriate.  b) You are watched throughoutyour life.  c) You are interviewed.  d) All of the above. e) NOTA
  9. Who is the main protagonist of our novel sofar?  a) Lily  b) The Community  c) The Giver  d) Jonas e) NOTA
  10. Nature and wildlife are important in thiscommunity.  a) True  b) False
  11. Jonas is _____ about the Ceremony of 12. a) distraught    b) frightened  c) apprehensive d) excited  e) distracted
  12. Why?  a) Because he knows what the decisionwill be, and he doesn't like it.  b) Because he doesn't know whatthe decision will be.  c) Because he wants to stay an 11 for a whilelonger.  d) Because he will never see his friends again.  e)NOTA
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