The Giver byLois Lowry
Chapters 10-11
  1. What was Jonas's first surprise when he arrived for his first day oftraining?  a) That the Receiver had a secretary.  b) That thedoor had a buzzer.  c) That the attendant stood when Jonas came in. d) That the attendant was so young.  e) NOTA
  2. Why are The Receiverís doors locked?  a) To insure privacy.  b)  To protect him.  c)  To make sure no one breaks in andsteals his things.  d)  Because he does "inappropriate" thingslike being rude.  e)  NOTA
  3. What is the most conspicuous difference between The Receiverís dwellingand Jonasís own dwelling?  a)  The bed.  b)  The thick,luxurious fabrics.  c)  The curved table legs.  d) The ceiling.  e)  The books.
  4. The Receiver looks so old because he is.  a) True  b) False
  5. The Receiver holds the memories and experiences of almost everyone andeverything in the past.  a) True  b) False
  6. Why does Jonas not understand the Receiver's comparison involving asled?  a) He's too dumb.  b) He has not yet achieved wisdom. c) It turns out, he doesn't really have the ability to "see beyond." d) He doesn't know what a sled is.  e) NOTA
  7. Why was Jonas so shocked at the end of chapter 10?  a) He couldn'tbelieve how old the Receiver was.  b) The Receiver told him to tokeep their meetings a secret.  c) The Receiver told him to removehis tunic.  d) The Receiver turned off the speaker.  e) NOTA
  8. Which of these memories was not a totally new concept for Jonas? a) sunshine  b) cold  c) wind  d) hill  e) They wereall new to him.
  9. Why was it so exhausting for The Receiver to give Jonas the memory ofsnow?   a) Because it was his favorite one.  b) Becausehe is frightened by snow.   c) Because he had to tug it forwardfrom many generations back.   d) Because heís old and tired.  e)  NOTA
  10. The Receiver says he has _____, but not _____.   a) power,honor   b) honor, knowledge   c) respect, power  d) honor, fun   e) honor, power
  11. When Jonas asks what happened to things like snow, the Receiver callsit...  a) the Warming  b) the Uniting  c) the Institution d) the Beginning  e) NOTA
  12. What memory does the Receiver transmit to give Jonas an example of pain? a) Crashing on the sled.  b) Cutting himself.  c) Frostbite. d) Sunburn.  e) NOTA
  13. Since Jonas is now the Receiver, the former Receiver calls himself TheGiver.  a) True  b) False
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