The Giver byLois Lowry
Chapters 14-15
  1. What is Jonas's first taste of real pain?  a) Death  b) Losingan arm. c) Hunger   d) A broken leg.  d)  Being shot.e) NOTA
  2. What makes Jonas feel "desperately lonely"?  a)  The fact thathe went to bed early   b) He misses Asher and Fiona  c) The realization that the others have  never felt pain  d) Not being able to talk about his training   e) The fact thathe has to spend all of his time with The Giver
  3. The Giver tells Jonas that the memories of pain and suffering give themwisdom.  a) True  b) False
  4. What memory was the strongest when the Elders sought the Giver's adviceabout increasing the birthrate?  a) Jealousy  b) Racism c) Sickness.  d) Hunger  e) NOTA
  5. Why is The Giver the one with all of the memories?  a) So that noteveryone will be burdened and pained.   b) Because he is themost intelligent person in the community.  c) So there is no jealousy. d) So that everything will stay the same and the community won't rebel e) NOTA
  6. How do they usually decide which identical twin to release?  a) TheBirthmother decides.  b) There's a number system.  c) Birthweight. d) Raffle King  e) NOTA
  7. What does Jonas do to soothe Gabriel?  a) He rocks him to sleep. b) Nothing; he is not allowed.  c) He accidentally gives him a memory. d) Tells him about elephants and giraffes.  e) Chants softly.
  8. At the beginning of chapter 15, why does Jonas have to remind The Giverto put his hands on Jonasís back? a) Because the old man has been forgettinglately.  b) It's part of his training to help remind The Giver. c) The Giver is in such pain that Jonas thinks he might forget.  d)The Giver has told him to remind him, because he often gets distracted. e) NOTA
  9. All of these are things Jonas first perceived in this new memory in chapter15, except... a) Smoke in the air.  b) Bombs exploding nearby. c) Terrible smells.  d) Groaning men. e) He noticed all these thingsright away.
  10. What does the boy in the memory want?  a) Water  b) Revenge. c) A gun   d)  Food   e) To be "put out of hismisery."

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