The Giver byLois Lowry
Chapters 22-23
  1. Which of the following was not one of the signals Jonas encountered thatshowed he was really outside the community?  a) hills  b) rain c) farms  d) untended roads  e) All were things he saw that showedhe had really left the Community.
  2. What causes Jonas to have second thoughts about this whole thing? a) It starts raining.  b) He encounters hills he can't pedal up. c) They are attacked by a bear.  d) Hunger.  e) NOTA
  3. Which of these things did not happen in chapter 23? a) It began snowing. b) Jonas fell asleep. c) Jonas found a sled.  d) He gave Gabriel amemory of warmth.  e) They all happened.
  4. What does Jonas think he hears from the place he left?  a) planes b) shouts  c) talking  d) music  e) NOTA
  5. (6) In a paragraph, summarize the ending (chapter 23).


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