The Giverby Lois Lowry
Chapters 3 and 4
  1. Why does  Jonas want his father to chastiseLily?  a) She “borrowed” his bike to go for a ride.  b) She mentionedhis eyes.  c) She interrupted him while he was sharing his feelings. d) She threw water on him.  e) NOTA
  2. It is against the rules to call attentionto things that are different about individuals. a) True  b) False
  3. What quality does Jonas think Gabriel's eyeshave that other people's eyes don't?  a) color  b) depth c) reflection  d) love  e) NOTA
  4. Why is there very little honor in the assignmentof Birthmother?  a) After three years, you do hard physical laboruntil you enter the House of the Old.  b) It is considered uncleanto give birth to babies.  c) You do not continue your schooling afteryou receive that assignment.  d) You are considered insensitive becauseyou give up your babies.  e) NOTA
  5. One of the jobs of a Speaker is to publiclychastise those who break minor rules.  a) True  b) False
  6. Asher also noticed something had changed aboutthe apple they were tossing.  a) True  b) False
  7. The only time it's OK to brag is when youhave accomplished something big for the community.  a) True b) False
  8. Why does Jonas have no idea what his assignmentmight be? a) Because it's such a secret in the Community.  b) Becausehe hasn't focused his volunteer efforts in any one area.  c) Becausehe hasn't enjoyed any of his volunteer assignments.  d) Because he'snot very smart.  e) NOTA
  9. Roberto's release was a sad occasion for allat the House of the Old because he was so well-loved.  a) True b) False
  10. All of these were a part of Roberto's releaseceremony except...a) a review of his life and accomplishments.  b)chanting the patriotic anthem.  c) speeches from friends and admirers. d) a period of mourning.  e) These were all a part of the ceremony.
  11. Where does Larissa say the Old go when theyare released?  a) To "Heaven."   b) The House of the VeryOld.  c) Nobody knows except the committee of Elders.  d) Toanother Community.  e) NOTA
  12. Why are Jonas and Larissa laughing at theend of chapter 4?  a) Jonas told a funny joke.  b) Larissa’shair was sticking straight up after her bath.  c) Asher tripped andfell into an empty tub.  d) Jonas suggested they take an idea to thecommittee for study.  e) NOTA
  13. The Giver is written in... a) first-person b) second-person  c) third-person  d) NOTA

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