The Giver byLois Lowry
Chapters 8-9
  1.   Why does theChief Elder apologize to the community?   A. She caused themanxiety.   B. She has no assignment for Jonas.   C.She forgot Jonas.   D. She made a mistake.  E. NOTA
  2. Why does the Committee of Elders continue to observe Twelves duringtheir training?   A. To make sure the one assigned will continueto develop every necessary attribute.   B. It’s in the rules. C. To make sure the one assigned doesn’t break the rules.   D.To make sure the one assigned is never alone or apart from the community.  E. All of the above
  3. The most honored job in the community is the Receiver of Memory. A.True   B. False
  4. Which of the following qualities does the Chief Elder say Jonas doesnot yet possess?  A. Intelligence.   B. Integrity.  C. Courage.   D. Wisdom.   E. She says he has themall.
  5. Which attribute is the Chief Elder unable to describe because she doesnot understand it?  A. Intelligence.   B. Integrity.  C. Courage.   D. Wisdom.  E. NOTA
  6. Why is the Chief Elder unable to prepare Jonas for the pain he willexperience? A. It is against the rules.   B. The Receiverof Memory asked her not to.   C. She has not experienced it.  D. She doesn’t want to scare him.    E. All of the above.
  7. What makes Jonas feel a “tiny sliver of sureness for the first time”? A. He is not afraid.    B. He has already experienced pain.  C. The crowd changed like the apple.    D. The Chief Elderhas confidence in him.    E. All of the above.
  8. Jonas does not feel separate and different yet because the traininghas not started. A. True   B. False
  9. Jonas's parents are proud of his selection as Receiver.  a)True  b) False.
  10. When a name is never used again, it means the last person to have thatname was so great, the name is not used any more out of honor for thatperson.  a) True  b) False
  11. What stuns Jonas so much about the instructions he is given?  A. There is only a single printed sheet.   B. There is no timefor recreation.   C. He can lie.   D. He can be rude.  E. All of the above.
  12. Since Jonas's training involves pain, he has special access to painmedication.  a) True  b) False
  13. Why does the final rule unnerve Jonas so much?   A. Becauseit’s different.   B. Because it promises pain.   C.Because he doesn’t understand it.   D. Because he realizes hehas no way of knowing the truth.    E. NOTA

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