"in Just--" (p500)
  1. Why might he use such irregular spacing? (What might it represent?)
  2. mud-luscious? puddle-wonderful? far and wee?
  3. Why does he run the names together? (eddieandbill instead of Eddie and Bill?)
  4. What are the only words capitalized? Why just them?
  5. What character from Greek myth was "goat-footed"?
  6. Look at the adjectives used to describe the balloonman. List them. How does the description of him change as the poem progresses? What might this represent?
  7. Why might the balloonman feel differently about spring than the kids?
  8. Why is the poem called "In Just--" instead of "In Spring"?
  9. Make up three words like mudluscious, by combining a noun and an adjective...