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Pigman I -- Intro.
Agree or Disagree. Rate each statement 1-5 (1 = strongly disagree, 3 = no opinion, 5 = strongly agree).

   1. Most adults just donít remember what it was like to be young.
   2. Parents should trust their children.
   3. Teenagers shouldnít drink alcohol at all.
   4. Thereís no harm in a few practical jokes.
   5. A person canít be used unless he lets himself be used.
   6. No one can really force you to do anything you donít want to do.
   7. A child learns his values from his parents.
   8. You can tell how a kid was raised by his/her behavior and attitude.
   9. Old people are usually boring.
   10. Young people are often rebellious for no obvious reason.
   11. Age usually equals wisdom.
   12. Genetics are more important than environment in determining what kind of person you are.
   13. I have done something I truly regret. (Not just because I got caught.)
   14. How old is Old?

Who is this a picture of? (+1/2 for correct spelling)

  1. Why was it difficult for those caught by one of John's explosions to deny they did it?
  2. On a plumber's truck: "A flush beats a full house." This kind of a joke (like the ones below) is called...  a) a parody.  b) a pun.  c) ironic.  d) slap-stick.
  3. Match the punchline with the joke:
  • a) Why is it hard to keep a secret in the winter? 
  • b) What colour is the wind? 
  • c) What do you call a camel with no humps?
  • d) Why can't a bicycle stand on its own?
  • e) Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a...
  • Blue.
  • Banana.
  • Humphrey.
  • Your teeth chatter.
  • Too tired.
Read silently to end of 4, and answer the following questions in your notebook. (12p)

   1.(3) John says that Lorrain's most interesting feature (of her looks) is her ________, but ever since
     the Pigman died __________________, except when _____________.
   2.(2) John says that he always remembers ____________, and Lorraine remembers __________.
   3.What's the main reason that they can't use John's phone for their prank calls?
   4.What does Lorraine say is the reason Norton is a social pariah?
   5.What does Lorrain say her type of lying is?
   6.Why does Lorraine say John's parents can't help him stop lying?
   7.(3) During their first phone call with Lorrain, Mr. Pignati makes a __________ (type of joke) that
     plays on the homonyms _________ and ________.

Pretend you are Lorraine, and write a note to your mom, responding to her quote on p9.
Counts for 600 words, so date it and put it in your folder.

Chapter 1-5 Activity.

The Pigman Listening Check. Closed book. (7)

   1.True or False. Lorraine has never really lived with her dad.
   2.Where did Lorraine's mom get an extra $10?
   3.Lorraine originally tells John that she won't go to the zoo. What changes her mind?
   4.Why does Lorraine say she likes to wear her Ben Franklin sunglasses?
   5.(3) What three events did Lorraine consider omens at the zoo?

"How Well Do You Know Your Kid?" (Newsweek, May 10, 1999)
Read silently and answer the questions below. (10)

   1.According to the article, what is the most troubling issue that teenagers face?  a) Loneliness. b) Too much stuff.  c) School is too hard.  d) Too much sex and violence in the media.
   2.One study that tracked teenagers over five years found that they spend how much time alone every day?
   3.According to the article,  _____________ has become so commonplace that many kids just accept it as a part of life.
   4.According to the article, what percentage of high-school students consider suicide each year?
   5.According to the study mentioned in #2, about what percentage of closest friends in 12th grade were friends in 10th grade?
   6.According to the article, what is the most important thing parents can do to prevent many of the problems outlined in the article?  a)Teach kids responsibility by making them work part-time.  b) Talk to their kids regularly.  c) Make sure thay have a reasonable  curfew.  d) Educate them.
   7.According to the article, how many hours a week do teenagers spend watching TV?
   8.According to the article, what is the average weekly spending by teenagers?
   9.Teenagers account for roughly what percentage of the population?
  10.When was the article published?

Which Character?

   1.Is a social pariah, according to Lorraine.
   2.Mr. Pignati's best friend.
   3.Thinks all boys have "only one thing on their minds."
   4.Obsessed with cleanliness.
   5.Obviously has a problem with authority figures.
   6.Holds the Telephone Marathon record.
   7.Did a book report on only one page of the book.
   8.Wants to write for living.
   9.Is fond of puns.
  10.John's main scapegoat for things he's done (like gluing the phone).

The Pigman, Chapter 7. (5p)

   1.Besides Old Lady, what is John's nickname for his mom?
   2.What is John's real reason for going to the graveyard?
   3.(Quote.) What is John's father's reaction when John says he wants to be an actor?
   4.(Quote.) Why does John say he doesn't want the job his father is offering?
   5.(Quote.) What is scungilli?

Answer the "Dear Alice" letter. (Counts for 600 words.)

The Pigman (Chapter 8-9)

  1. What makes Lorraine think that the love between a man and a woman must be the strongest thing in the world?
  2. What does Lorraine think about to cheer herself up when she is sad?
  3. Why does Lorraine say she had to go along on the trip to the department store?
  4. (Quote) What does Lorraine say in the department store that makes Mr. Pignati sad?
  5. (Quote) How does she make up for it?
  6. (3) Lorraine has three "issues" with the toy department. What are they?
  7. What does John think "made" Norton the "tough guy" he is?
  8. What does John think "caused" hin to be the drinker he is? (Be specific.)
  9. How does John make Norton apologize for calling Lorraine a "screech owl"
  1. How does Lorraine's mom thank her for the stockings?
   2. What foreshadowing does Lorraine give about the end of the chapter?
   3. Lorraine was sorry she had told John they had to tell Mr. Pignati the truth because she knew...?
   4. How does Lorraine get a laugh out of Mr. Pignati after that?
   5. (5) Which character?  a) Wanted to know if Mr. Pignate had anything worth stealing. b) Encouraged John's drinking. c) Thought the Pigman's psychology game was "actually pretty accurate."  d) Wouldn't eat, thus making Mr. Pignati sad.  e) Couldn't handle chocolate-covered ants.

Match each character from Mr. Pignati's story with a character from the novel. Say why. Counts for 600 words.
wife = fun
husband = love
lover = sex
assassin = money
boatman = magic 
John's mom
John's dad
Lorraine's mom
Mr. Pignati

   1. Where did they get the flowers they gave Mr. Pignati in the hospital?
   2. What was the favor Mr. Pignati asked John and Lorraine to do for him while he was in the hospital?
   3. John said that making spaghetti at Mr. Pignati's house would have been a great idea, except that...?
   4. What does John say about hospitals and cemeteries?
   5. What happened in Chapter 11 that will probably change the relationship between John and Lorraine?

Chapter 12/13

   1. Why were the girls scared of Norton when they were younger and played Spin the Bottle?
   2. John says that there's no point in having a house unless...
   3. Why is Jane Appling's house the one the kids tell their parents they're going to when they want to be somewhere else?
   4. What is ironic about Marlon Brewery's name?
   5. Why is Norton already mad when he shows up?
   6. What is it he steals?
   7. Why is John at a disadvantage in his fight with Norton?
   8. What event did Lorraine's pig-room dream foreshadow?

Chapter 14
Write out the correct answer. (12)
   1. Lorraine's mom's first reaction when the police bring her home after the party is... a) to cry.  b) slap Lorraine. c) tell the police to leave them alone.  d) none of the above.
   2. (Quote.) Why does Lorraine say she won't apologize to her mother?
   3. Once Lorraine explains (almost) everything to her mom, her mother's reaction is... a) more anger and slapping. b) complete understanding.  c) better than Lorraine expected. d) disbelief.
   4. Just as Lorraine starts to think her mother might understand her a little, her mom blows it. How?
   5. In Chapter 12, Lorraine talks about the night she and John kissed, and she says that it felt like she was "being told about something wonderful...waiting just" for her. In Chapter 14, she brings up that moment again, and compares it to...?
   6. John's father says the consequence for his actions in Chapter 13 will be...
   7. Why did Lorraine wear her Ben Franklin sunglasses to the zoo even though it wasn't sunny?
   8. What does Lorraine say is the most (horribly) memorable thing about Mr. Pignati's death?
   9. What (very symbolic) thing happens when Mr. Pignati dies?
  10. (3) It could be said that Mr. Pignati died because he simply gave up after losing three "things" he held dearly. What are they?

Chapter 14/15
   1. Chapter 14 would be considered...a) the conflict.  b) the resolution.  c) the climax.  d) the exposition.  e) the rising action.
   2. Chapter 15 would be considered...a) the conflict.  b) the resolution.  c) the climax.  d) the exposition.  e) the rising action.
   3. Why does John make Lorraine leave when Mr. Pignati dies?
   4. (2) What did John do to check to see if Mr. Pignati was alive?
   5. From what fate did John believe he and Lorraine had saved Mr. Pignati?
   6. (Quote) What does John say is the secret to not thinking too much?
   7. Who does John say are "baffled baboons concentrating on all the wrong things"?
   8. What kind of "trespassing" did John say Mr. Pignati had done?
   9. True or False. John thought that his drinking and smoking wasn't too harmful because he was still young.
  10. True or False. John still blames his drinking and smoking on his parents.
  11. What is the voice of the Pigman that John "almost" hears at the end telling him? (Don't quote, translate.)