Richard Cory  a poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson
Whenever Richard Cory went downtown,
We people on the pavement looked at him:
He was a gentleman from sole to crown,
Clean favoured and imperially slim.
Poem Analysis:

clean favoured =  good looking
"imperially slim"  1) What's the 
connotation of that?

And he was always quietly arrayed,
And he was always human when he talked;
But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
"Good-morning," and he glittered when he walked.
arrayed = dressed 
in fine clothes
2) What does the 
word quietly imply?
3) Human??
4) What does "...fluttered pulses 
when he said,
'Good Morning...'" mean?

And he was rich – yes, richer than a king –
And admirably schooled in every grace:
In fine, we thought that he was everything
To make us wish that we were in his place.
5) Would you want to 
be Richard Cory?
6) There is one stanza left. 
From what we know about 
Richard Cory so far, predict 
what the last stanza will be about. 
Then CLICK HERE for the 
last stanza.

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