"A Sound of Thunder" Quiz for after:
1.The theme of "ASOT" is probably: a) don't mess with time, b) don't try to change the past, c) small actions can lead to huge consequences, d) don't kill butterflies, e) all of the above.
2. Eckels runs off the path because: a) he panics, b) he doesn't believe Travis, c) he doesn't care, d) it's fun, e) none of the above .
3. Eckels' attitude before they spotted the T-Rex was: a) serious, b) worried about danger, c) overconfident, d) none of the above.
4. After the dinosaur is dead, Travis: a)  threatens to leave Eckels behind, b) tells him to clean the mud off his shoes, c) goes and retrieves the bullets from the dinosaur, d) all of the above e) none of the above.
5. When Travis sees the mud on Eckels' shoes he is worried about...a) the effects of Eckels' actions on history b) money c) the loss of the Time Safari business d) the government e) all of the above, f) none of the above.
6. When Travis yells at Eckels' for leaving the Path, Eckels...a) offers to get the bullets out of the dinosaur b) threatens Travis with a lawsuit c) cries d) offers graft to Travis e) all of the above f) none of the above.
7. The first thing Eckels does when he sees the butterfly in the mud on his boot is: a) try to clean it up b) check to see if it was really dead c) throw the boot across the room d) ask who won the election e) none of the above.
8. When they first return to the office, the first thing Eckels notices is...a) the weird spelling of the sign b) something in the air c) that the man behind the desk acted differently d) a dog howling e) a strange whistle.
9. The man behind the desk thinks that the right man won the election. a) True  b) False
10. Which of these things could the phrase "a sound of thunder" represent?  a) The sound of the T-rex approaching.  b) The effects of their actions on the future.  c) The sound of the guns.  d) All of the above.  e) None of the above.
11. Tyrannosaurus is Latin for... a) dinosaur  b) big dinosaur  c) king killer  d) tyrant lizard  e) dinosaur king