"The Lady, or the Tiger?" (p 593)
exuberant, untrammeled, valor, emanate, procure, doleful, retribution, subordinate, rapturous, deliberation
  1. His __________ in battle won him the praise of his soldiers.
  2. The boss treated his ________________(s) rather well.
  3. Her _____________ personality helped make her an excellent cheerleader.
  4. The music __________(ing) from the speakers was not very pleasant.
  5. Her first bite of chocolate after 31 days was ____________.
  6. Is the death penalty deterrance or ______________?
  7. After his dog died, all he could listen to were ____________ songs of loss.
  8. He was able to ____________ some illegal fireworks for Independence Day.
  9. After careful ____________, I have decided to grant your request.
  10. The countryside was still ____________, before the developer built a mall there.

What are the two main purposes of punishment?
What is the best way to decide guilt or innocence, when we can't know for certain?
What is a dilemma?
What does the expression, "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" mean?
(review) What is an internal conflict?
Death Penalty? Punishment fit the crime?

  1. How can you tell the author is being ironic when he keeps referring to the king as semi-bararic?
  2. What internal conflict is the point of the story?
  3. (You knew it had to be asked.) Which one did she tell him? Why? Use quotes from the story to back up what you say.