Chapter 10

1. How does the law-abiding community of Sf change after the quake?
2. When they go back for Uncle at the Company’s building, in what condition do they find him?
3. Why does the Company’s building stand when so many others fell?
4. How does the Company convince Uncle to leave the building?
5. How does Miss Whitlaw win over Uncle? (2+ ways)
6. What is the bad thing that balances the good one—the Company’s friendship with the Whitlaws? Why is this happening? What solution was there to the problem?
7. What inspires Windrider to finally follow his dream? What is his plan for supporting himself with this dream?
8. Why doesn’t Windrider invite MS to move with him to Oakland?
9. "…it was like trying to describe colors to blind man." (p200) Who? Who? What does he mean?


1. After the earthquake many of the rich who were once (impulsive, haughty, forlorn, wistful) were now humbled and looking for crusts of bread like everyone else.
2. After the explosion, most people had (auspicious, incredulous, haughty, adverse) looks on their faces; like they couldn’t believe what happened.
3. After the earthquake, San Francisco looked as (desolate, auspicious, fastidious, wizened) as the surface of the moon.
4. Which is an antonym for "good fortune"? (inept, incredulous, adversity, undulation)
5. Which is a synonym for clever? (deity, perpetual, sardonic, shrewd)
6. Which doesn’t belong? Why? (shrewd, deity, perpetual, queue, undulate)
7. Many people for many years have tried to create a(n) (auspicious, incensed, perpetual, sardonic) motion machine that will run forever.
8. He had a(n) (incredulous, auspicious, sullen, cleaver) beginning to the new semester; he got four A’s and only one Bon his first round of tests.
9. Robin (flounced, improvised, patronized, reciprocated) angrily out of the room, waving her arms around.
10. Sometimes Uncle is a (perpetual, malleable, querulous, incessant) old man who is rarely satisfied.
11. "Yeah, sure." I said very (perpetually, sardonically, ineptly, transparently).
12. Try not to be too (forlorn, perpetual, venerable, credulous) when you hear rumors; most turn out to be false.
13. Don’t get (haughty, forlorn, inept, revelation) with me young man; you’re no king!
14. It was quite a(n) (undulation, revelation, persecution, exasperation) when Tom revealed the treasure to the surprised town.
15. Which doesn’t fit and why? (deity, revelation, improvise, adversity, exasperation)

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