Chapter 8

1. Why does Father destroy the glider? Do you agree with his reasons? How does MS feel about it?

2. How does Robin help MS with the demon boys? Did he do the right thing? What makes you think so/not?

3. What "charms" does MS  realize he has that are "as good a set of charms (against the demon boys) as the charm from Hand Clap."

4. "We see the same things and yet find different truths." (p147) Who? What?

Chapter 9

1. How do Father and Uncle finally get back together? Who helps them?

2. What is the Feast of Pure Brightness? What other "holiday(s)" is it similar to?

3. Why does MS carry a cross in his pocket?

4. "You...you Sunday Christians!" Who? What?



1. Robin looked (fastidiously, wistfully, unruly, smugly) up as the glider drifted away. "But we have no glider now!"
2. If you were to diagram the electronics of a car, the (methodical, schematic, tunic, muse) would fill the room.
3. A lack of studying will lead to a(n) (insolent, impulsive, inept, improbable) performance on the test.
4. Moon Shadow thinks that Robin is a(n) (luminous, embroider, sullen, incessant) talker who monopolizes every conversation.
5. "That test was easy!" he said (smugly, unruly, forlornly, schematically) in that annoying way of his.
6. After he saved the kids from the fire he was (venerable, flourished, protruded, venerated) by the whole town.
7. His nose (patronized, protruded, persecuted, mused) from his face like a big carrot.
8. It was on a(n) (cleaver, impulse, inept, venerable) that we decided to go to the movies instead of the restaurant.
9. We ran out of the ingreedients for the resipe, so we had to (improvise, patronize, undulate, venerate).
10. In shop class you use sheet metal for your projects because it is relatively (wistful, impulsive, malleable, smug) and easy to shape and bend.
11. With a (queue, flourish, undulation, impulse), Vanna turned the letters.
12. Uncle is a very proud, (sullen, inept, translucent, haughty) man who demands respect.
13. Before the earthquake, MS has a(n) (unruly, ominous, methodical, wizened) feeling that everything would come crashing down. We call this kind of feeling a(n) _________________.
14. The lost little girl looked so (unruly, ominous, forlorn, wizened) as she looked for her mommy.

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