Dragonwings Final
Part One
Pick five of the seven questions below.
Always back up what you say with examples and reasons.

1. Do you think that Windrider was being selfish for pursuing his dream so single-mindedly? Why/not? Use examples from the book to back up what you say.
2. Has Windrider learned to be a good father? Explain why you think so/not. In what ways will his life be changed by the events in the story? What will he do now?
3. Why do you think Laurence Yep chose Moonshadow (rather than, say, Father) to tell the story?  Why did he choose to have MS tell the story later, rather than as it was happening?
4. The setting (time and place) was more important to this story than it is to some others. Why? How would the storyline about Father’s dream have changed if he had never left China?
5. List ten facts about the earthquake.
6. What "tests" did Windrider face after his meeting with the Dragon King? Did he pass the tests?
7. What was the inspiration for the novel? Is it "true"? Explain.

Part Two
Define each of the following by sketch or description.

1. queue (2)
2. dirigible
3. stereopticon
4. cleaver
5. opium
6. a day and a year (astronomically speaking)
7. dowry
8. phoenix
9. Angel and Ellis Islands
10. Feast of Pure Brightness

Part Three
Identify who is talking, what is going on, and why it is important to the story.

1. "Are all Chinamen crazy like you?"
2. "It was like trying to explain colors to a blind man."
3. "Don’t you see? We’re all tainted (look it up) by it…It eats at them; it eats at us."
4. "I do think you’ve grown an inch since you’ve been here."
5. "Fine. I’m afraid you won’t be able to come down tomorrow. We’re…we’re moving."

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